Alignment Exercises

The 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 Exercise For Self-Alignment

Warning!  The following exercise requires very little physical exertion!

To create a consistent field of light in the body, to be more present and grounded in the body or to give yourself a quick pick-me-up, John Henry recommends doing the 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 exercise.

Begin by taking a deep breath and establish a conscious connection (through choice and intention) with the clear, pure light of creation. Bring this light down through the top of your head and focus it on your hypothalamus (located at the lower skull area at the back of your neck). Now take this light through your body using the following 7 steps:

  • Move your left shoulder forward and then back.

Repeat movement with right shoulder.

  • Move your left shoulder up and then down.

Repeat movement with right side.

3) Focus on your heart and take a deep breath in.

4) Move the energy and your attention down to your Solar Plexus and breath in deeply.

5) Next, put your attention on your root or coccyx and take a deep breath.

6) Move the light through your hips, pausing a moment at your knees, and continuing         down your legs.

7) Take that pure, clear light of creation and move it through your feet and down into the earth. Breath deeply.


Enjoy counting!


 The Chamber of Silence and Sound


The Chamber of Silence and Sound (CSS) creates a container, a chamber in the front, the back, and both sides of your brain.

The CSS is a way to steady and rest the mental process, while altering your brain waves. This process can actually expand your consciousness so that you are in touch with, relating with and receiving from creation. The continual conscious use of this chamber sets up a new frequency in your body.

Use the CSS when you are depressed, anxious, uncertain, afraid, grieving, uncomfortable or any time you request steadiness, connection, or expansion.

Here are the instructions –

Happy expanding!

Put the palm of your left hand on the occiputs, (the pointy bones at the back of your head), and the palm of your right hand on your forehead. This is the frontal occipital hold.

This brings your body and awareness into present time.

Then take either your fingertips or the palms of your hand and put them on your temples. This creates the Chamber of Silence and Sound.

Hold them steady until any pulse or vibration you feel is balanced. The more you need restful awareness, the longer you hold the above positions.

It is suggested to do this for five to ten minutes, three times a day – or as needed.

John Henry




One way to assist with bringing the conscious awareness into the heart center is to place the right hand on the heart and the left hand on the right hand. Do a few breaths where your focus and attention is on the heart, to settle down into the heart space, and to become more conscious of how the heart mediates your whole system, your moods, your connections, your awarenesses, and your responses. As you pay attention to the heart, the energy in the heart expands, and you can feel it flowing into your right hand, making a connection there, stabilizing that energy.


Then you can feel the left hand connecting in through the right hand and the heart energy, the 3 points being in the same vibration, the same field. As those 3 points are connected, and as you feel the synthesis of those points, you can actually begin to sense that your body is resting more deeply, that the heart is opening more fully, and you do not have to imagine a loving condition or some memory that would open your heart. Your heart opens, because structurally you are paying attention to it, you are sending intention to it, and you’re experiencing your heart. You can do this exercise any time you choose, in any experience, either consciously with your hands on your body, or psychically, intuitively with the sense of placing your etheric hands on your heart and resting there in each situation where that might be amenable or where you might find that ability to settle in beneficial.