Dear Practitioners

HeartThread practitioners:

Lately I have been fortunate to have had some conversations with John Henry and have, in a sense, been invited to share some of the conversations or “downloads” with you.

  1. It is important to move HeartThread forward in the world now, in whatever way we each can do so.
  2. Small “successes” are the building blocks of how this can happen. Not for the sake of success  in terms of success or failure, but so that there begins the growth of a “community of the Heart”
    1. One way to do this is to hold community events where we teach people how to use the HeartThread. This can be done by us as individuals, or in areas where there are a few practitioners, as a cooperative effort. We follow up afterwords and get feedback and testimonials which we put on the blog. We offer the CDs for sale and share info on the readings and SoulSupport.
    2. I will be creating a “curriculum” or agenda for myself for how I plan to present the workshop I am doing in Taos on the 25th March. If it proves to be a “successful” formula you are welcome to use it as a template for your event. Or create your own or any combination.
    3. Use the local radio stations, especially the Public Radio stations that have Public Service Announcements (PSAs), local newspapers and flyers to publicize the event. Activate your personal network of friends and family. Send personal invitations by mail, email, FaceBook and phone calls. Contact organizations that deal with social issues that can benefit from using the process with clients, such as domestic violence “victims”, the homeless, veterans, child advocacy, animal welfare, men’s groups etc. Invite massage therapists and practitioners of energetic healing to see if this tool might be useful in their practice. JeAnne can offer advice on how she integrates HeartThread. Invite and welcome radio and newspaper interviews, write brief articles and PSAs. Share your personal experiences with the HeartThread and how it has benefitted you. Be willing to be seen and heard.
    4. Everyone with whom we share HeartThread is member of the Community of the Heart. They will help to spread it around the world. You will be amazed whom they know! There are many groups working with Light and the Heart. Share with them and invite them to join us in spinning the Pillar and using the HeartThread.
    5. Adapt your special gifts to incorporate HeartThread. If your passion is babies, use HeartThread to help parents and babies, if it is with animals, find ways to integrate HeartThread into your time with them.
    6. We are no longer working alone. The Beings of Light work with us and through us. It is not “me” but “we” that does sessions, workshops and training. The guides and angels in the invisible are helping us all the way, feeding us messages and directing our healing. They  are present at our sessions as are the gifts and talents we have accumulated from all our lifetimes. There is a tremendous network of support available to us. They desire that we be free so we can affect the quotient of Light on the planet. They want us to ask for their help and they are asking us for our help. We are a team.
    7. Trust that that support is always there when you create an intention to do HeartThread with someone or a group. Remember that when you work with a group, you are creating a strong unified field together that amplifies the vibration.
    8. 2011 is around the corner. Interspecies Day will be held on the 11th November, 2011 (11/11/11) It is when we will see HeartThread done in stadiums around the world and the community of the heart recognize its power and experience Oneness

Raphael Weisman

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