Deep Bliss

I was disappointed my gap session didn’t fill in this morning, and once again, it turned out to be the ideal situation.  My prior client asked to extend her 60 minute massage to 90 minutes while on the table and also said she was interested in the energy work I do.  Since I’ve found HeartThread to mesh so easily and beautifully with my particular brand of bodywork, we included it in the last bit of time.
These surprise “pick-up” sessions are always a joy, and I’m now blissed over the time I have to write about it before my next client arrives, while I’m still in the energy.  (I can tell I’m still deep in it…the ‘unique’ manner of spelling I’ve learned often accompanies my intstant messenger sessions is very prevalent and I find myself making corrections every few words.)
Every time I thought we were “done” another piece would come in and I would relay what her body was telling me.  I keep things in generalities during Heart Thread and don’t ask for clarification, though of course I’m always pleased to hear the phrases that could apply to just about anything mean the world to the one I’ve just relayed them to.
The indescribable sense of compassion and love inherent to this work was strongly present.  Familiar as it’s become from entering so often into this space over the last (almost) two years is still close to overwhelming because when not in it the intensity fades.  (I swear, if we could bottle this no one would ever feel alone and separate again!)  I recognized the magnificence of this amazing human being I was blessed with the opportunity to witness in the moment.  I did not realize the intensity of the work for her until after the session.
Obviously, I can’t go into any sort of detail, and honestly, the personal details aren’t what I want to convey.  The true bliss point for this session was after it was over and this radient supernova of Life and Light told me how the messages relayed to her applied, resonated, and validated to, with, and for her.  “Professionalism” be damned, we hugged, both in joyful tears, having been opened and expanded into the reality of Life and Incarnation past the restrictions of plodding existence.
It didn’t occur to me until after she left, having said to me “you are beautiful and amazing” that there is my learning edge.  I did my usual deflection of the compliment, saying “I just get out of the way.”  She pointed out as others have before (and as I have to others) that doing so is no small feat.  The next time I find myself in such a position, rather than responding, “so are you,” I shall divert from my old pattern.  From this point forward, my response will be, “thank you, I am.  As are you!”
It’s nearly 30 minute since she’s stepped out of my office and into her day, her life, her restored knowledge of herself.  I’m still nearly shivering with the intensity of the gift I received of being with her as she unfolded one of what is clearly many rebirths in her life.  My business is sometimes considered a “service.”  All service should be this life-affirming!  Words simply cannot convey this feeling, and I know my Heart Thread colleagues (and many others) have felt it or something quite similar.
I am currently in such deep gratitude for this work, and honored somehow even deeper than my core to have had the opportunity to learn it.  Truly, the time has come to pass this on, to pay it forward!
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