HeartThread Practitioners

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The members of the HeartThread International Advisory Board and HeartThread Practitioner Trainers
Some HT practitioners are also facilitators of other Soul Support Systems modalities such as Soul Recognition, Circuitry Alignment, Accelerated thinking, etc. Only their HeartThread role is mentioned below.
The following Facilitators are qualified HeartThread Practitioner Trainers:
Flo Aeveia Magdalena, Raphael Weisman, Karen Trujillo, Joy Regina Melchizedek, Kathy (Shoes) Fillman, Dorothy Altair Woodward, Stacey Hentschel, Rene Cornwell, Gabriella Angus (UK), JeAnne Frey, Jackie Jordan, Rhoda Mitchell, Cher Langdon (UK)

Flo Aeveia Magdalena, Founder of HeartThread and Soul Support Systems, HeartThread Facilitator and Trainerunnamed-1

Flo Magdalena is a respected visionary, author, channel, healer, coach, teacher, and spiritual mid-wife. She works with individuals and groups helping them connect to and access understanding about who they are, why they are here, and how to live their highest potential and life purpose.

Flo is the founder of Soul Support Systems and the Heaven On Earth Global Community. She trains teachers and facilitators of Soul RecognitionSM: A Breathtakingly profound journey inward to our unique essence shared with a trusted group bonded through our souls and experiencing our oneness; Circuitry AlignmentSM: Connecting with whole body awareness so that we are unified; HeartThreadSM: Shifting long-standing physical and emotional patterns held in the body through a dialogue with our unconscious; The Accelerated Thinking ProcessSM: Learn what actually happens when we get “stuck,” and how to shift our perception to experience more balance and peace through mapping the brain.

(802) 722-9554    Vermont


Joy Regina Melchezidek, HeartThread Facilitator and Trainer

Joy w shawl

Joy Regina Melchezidek was born with an extraordinary connection to Spirit. Her desire to live a life of purpose was evident at the early age of 3 as she felt it was her mission to tend to the sick and anyone who suffered emotionally or spiritually. At age 9 she wept tears of joy as the American Soldiers left Viet Nam. As the years passed she worked in various fields that provided opportunities for her to offer comfort, clarity and peace to others. Working with the handicapped, those who suffered with addictions and children who were in dire need of care were some of the positions she held while she continued her search for the “right position”. In 1991 after a life changing soul session with Flo Aeveia Magdalena, Joy began trainings with Flo in a multitude of shamanic studies. Living a life of new found purpose her work expanded and included facilitating the Heart Thread work, Circuitry Alignment sessions and the Soul Recognition work. Along with being an ordained Metaphysical Minister, Joy is a writer and a teacher. She’s worked with law enforcement to assist in solving missing persons cases. Joy has taught a wide range of classes in Metaphysics to high school, collage students and many others.  She is the founder and executive director of Tee-shirts for Peace. Her work as an advocate for children and peace are consistently fueled by her passion and commitment to make the world a better place for everyone. 



(717) 944-2188     Pennsylvania


Karen Trujillo-Heffernan: HeartThread Facilitator and Trainer


Karen Trujillo-Heffernan is passionate about ensuring that every child on the planet is nourished: physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally & financially. She has pursued this passion by nurturing herself and raising 4 boys with an open heart and a parenting style that allows for the best support of each unique child.  She has over 30 years experience in the early childhood development arena. Karen has been a State certified home daycare provider, preschool teacher, director and consultant. She graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a degree in Sociology. She continued her education by receiving certification in Early Childhood Development, Reconnective Healing, Sensory & Perceptual Motor Development, Accelerated Thinking Process, Family Coaching, HeartThread and Wee Yogi’s Teacher.  Karen holds a Child Development Program Director’s Permit from the State of California.

Karen is the founder of Surfin’ Your Soul whose mission is to strengthen the heart of family, one soul at a time.  She shares her talents with educators and families as a family coach & healing arts practitioner. Her gift is approaching  the heart & soul and addressing issues from this emotional and vibrational level. She currently moved from California to New Mexico to expand the family coaching practice as well as train facilitators in the HeartThread technique so that more teachers, parents, therapists and counselors have access to this powerful heart opening tool.  She is known in her field for enhancing authentic communication, empowering others with self help tools and reminding people of their full capacity to love themselves and others. She is currently traveling the world to share her work with families and invites you to contact her to set up visit in your hometown.

Karen is dedicated to ensuring that HeartThread is introduced, taught and offered in communities worldwide.



(949) 547-4066       Jemez Springs, NM


Raphael Weisman: HeartThread Facilitator and Trainer 


Raphael Weisman was born in South Africa and lived in Israel where he received his B.A. in English Literature at the Hebrew University and England, where he trained as a Luthier. He is a visionary, founding Harps of Lorien, The Lorien Foundation, The Santa Fe Water Awareness Group, The Santa Fe Global Water Festival and Healing The Scars.

He has written many articles and has been interviewed on radio and television, received awards for his artistic creations and has been featured in various articles and magazines. He is an ordained Minister and Facilitator of Circuitry Alignment and HeartThread. He trains HeartThread practitioners and channels messages from the Angels who also direct healing energy through him.



(575) 770 1228    HealingTheScars@Gmail.com

Santa Fe, NM 


Kathy “Shoes” Fillman, HeartThread Facilitator and Trainer 


Soul Support Facilitator and Teacher of Soul Recognition, Facilitator and Teacher of Circuitry Alignment and HeartThread, and Facilitator of the Accelerated Thinking Process

Shoes is a practitioner of the healing arts and a gifted massage therapist, specializing in Myofascial Release (MFR). With almost 25 years of experience working with both humans and animals, she has developed advanced proprioceptive senses that allow her to treat a wide variety of problems accurately and effectively. Her training came directly from John Barnes, well-known teacher, lecturer and developer of MFR techniques. Shoes instructed MFR I, II, Unwinding and Mobilization courses and worked with John’s son, Mark, on teaching MFR.

Other Services: Myofascial Release therapist; Reiki practitioner; Decoding facilitator Contact Information:

Email: shoesie@aol.com Phone: (717) 215-0152        Harrisburg PA area


Stacey J. Hentschel, HeartThread Practitioner and Trainer


Stacey J. Hentschel founded Quantum Integrations / Inner Wisdom to support people in living their fullest potential & giving their greatest gifts. As an intuitive coach, business & relationship consultant, teacher & facilitator she has worked with thousands of people for over 25 years.       As an intuitive healer & facilitator she connects deeply with ones soul assisting people to open to their highest purpose, clearing blocks and unlocking their natural genius; she works in the areas of human design, gene keys, oneness blessings, intuitive readings, inner connected yoga & breath, deep cellular healing work, heart healing, soul partners, relationship and business development. She is a Teacher and Facilitator of Circuitry Alignment, Heart Thread and a Facilitator of Soul Recognition. In relationship coaching she works with individuals & couples who have a deep desire to connect with their Soul Partner and awaken deeper levels of their heart & soul. Compassionately, she facilities couples and individuals in opening to greater connection, awareness, truth & love.

  She coaches individuals in creating and developing businesses from their soul purpose, living and contributing their highest potential to the world and all life. Working with businesses she coaches individuals in Designing a Visionary Business, Operating in the Now~ Present & Aware, Creating Vision, Purpose and Values, Quantum Energy, Intuition and Innovation.

 As she guides businesses, couples & individuals her clients open to higher states of awareness, inner strength & wisdom. Blending principles of consciousness with her intuition and practical business background her client’s live from their vision, contributing their gifts to the world. 

~ Living in our Inner Connected Truth & Love  ~
Intuitive Coaching & Consulting in Business, Relationship, Spirituality, Healing & Higher Purpose         

Laguna Niguel, CA

949-495-9689,   www.awakeninnerwisdom.com   &   www.quantumintegrations.com  


Gabriella Angus, HeartThread Practitioner and Trainer (UK)


Gabriella has been involved with Soul Support Systems since 2010 and is a trained HeartThread, Soul Recognition and Circuitry Alignment Facilitator.

With a background in the field of addiction, Gabriella has worked extensively with people in recovery and has never ceased to be amazed at the dramatic shifts that HeartThread can provide for them.

A passionate advocate of this work she had the good fortune to journey to the US and train as a HeartThread Practitioner trainer this year.

Gabriella is also a Reiki Master. She currently runs a not for profit yoga and holistic therapy centre. The centre’s dual purpose provides wellbeing for all aspects of the community while also providing opportunities for people who have struggled with addiction or mental health issues to gain confidence and job experience as a pathway into paid employment.

Gabriella is available for personal or group sessions in the UK and by Skype, Zoom or Whats App. She is also planning HeartThread Practitioner Trainings in the UK.



Dottie Woodward, C.R.M, C.H.t, HeartThread Practitioner and Trainer


I am a wife, mother and a grandmother of three. For twenty eight years, I taught reading and science and became part of NASA’s” Teacher in Space” Program, teaching Aero Space Ed. in and around the area. When I retired, 2001, I became an Officer in the USCG AUX. fulfilling many offices including Commander. After a spiritual experience in Greece, life took a different path and laid the foundation for melding Science with my Spiritual knowing. The energy field always intrigued me, and I began studying” Magnified Healing”. After a Soul Recognition I became a SR Facilitator, Circuitry Alignment Facilitator, Heart Thread Facilitator and studied the systems of Sekhem-Seichim, Usui, Karuna, and Radiance Reiki. I am a Reiki Master Teacher. I studied “The Reconnection” under Dr. Eric Pearl. Then I became a Certified Grandmother.
I organized the Meetup group, “Spiritual Trend Setters”, dedicated to exploring the conscious and unconscious fields and healing modalities, actively raising the consciousness of the planet.
In April 2014, I consciously brought to the planet “Star Fire Energies”, a new energy to enable us to access the 5th Dimension. Through all of these experiences, the one binding modality that keeps me ….”Me”, is the canvas, the paint, and my heart song,” Star Fire Energies”.
Love and Light,

Dottie Woodward (Central PA)



Cher Langdon, HeartThread Practitioner and Trainer (UK)

Cher Langdon Headshot

Cher Langdon is a qualified HearThread Facilitator, Soul Recognition Facilitator and a trained Doula.She has a B.A.Degree in Sociology (Guildhall London 1999) and a B. A. Hons degree in Fine Art (Falmouth 2009). Cher currently resides in Saffron Walden, Essex,UK. Cher worked in business as a customer support executive for Reuters and went on to set up her own company, Corporate Style and Fitness Ltd. This line of work however engaging always gave way to the side of her that sought to make the best use of her skills as a channel for healing and self-awareness.

Cher has worked with Orphaned Armenian children as part of the community work with the Dandelion Trust. This work led her to becoming a mentor for children with ADHD in deprived areas of central London, as part of her degree in Sociology. Her approach to this work was led mainly by her desire to heal and facilitate both children and adults to reach a state of inner awareness and help them to realise their full potential. She undertook a course in Somerset Total Communication and philosophy and learnt the use of signs and symbols to compliment the use of a visual and Kinaesthetic approach whilst working with a child who was hard-of-hearing at Crispin School, Somerset.

Cher has a love of travel, speaks French and has lived in various parts of the globe. Her love of the Arts has lead her to become a Sculptor and Portrait Artist. Connecting people who have just been through the life changing process of a Soul Recognition, she is able to capture “the moment” in oils on canvas. As a result of two riding accidents in which she sustained spinal injuries, she could no longer continue with her love of riding and so gave up breeding and keeping horses in 2003. Whilst this void was filled partly with the Arts and living a very different lifestyle in Glastonbury, Somerset. The absence of horses left her feeling incomplete.Her reconnection with horses was made after completing a Spectrum Emotional Coaching course. This was followed by a week event in which she interacted and coached ex-military men and women suffering from PTSD assisted by equines. Cher has taken a circuitous path into Equine Assisted Learning and the benefits and healing that it offers to both adults and children. Cher qualified after three years of training as an Equine Assisted Facilitator, and has since conducted many Equine Assisted sessions in Essex. UK. Cher has recently taken up Carriage driving with her pony Hope. Hope has also worked alongside Cher in many Equine Assisted Learning sessions. Cher has witnessed the life transforming benefits of a number of participants using the modalities of Equine Assisted Soul Recognition and HeartThread.

Email: cheryllangdon@hotmail.com

Mobile: 0044(0)7814694983

HeartThread Practitioners

(Many more still to be added)

Sharron Clark, HeartThread Practitioner


I have been a HeartThread facilitator since 2010. I love the process and uniqueness of each session within the honoring space.  Restoring self authority is healing to everyone in the field.

Phone 661-943-1068

Location Quartz Hill, Ca 93536


Ana G. Biele, HeartThread Practitioner
IMG_0583Ana G. Biele is a native New Mexican who has spent her life listening to the land, water and people; while appealing to the invisible world to assist in growth and development.  As a mother later in life; Ana cultivated a timeless approach to raising her children, a learned approach to integrating wisdom, experience, new ways, and operating from the heart space for evolution. Having convened with the spirits of CACAO and Ayahuasca, there is a depth, a fearlessness of facing life as it is ~ in this reality with the higher consciousness available to humans who know how to ask and tap into ancient teachings. After receiving heart thread certification, Ana quickly implemented the weaving of heart’s knowing into playlists for the Santa Fe Ecstatic Dance Community for sweetness, wildness and play! Ana may be reached by email: agbiele@gmail.com
Santa Fe, NM


Doris Richardson, HeartThread Practitioner
Doris Head Shot
HeartThread Practitioner, Life Purpose/True Calling/Legacy Facilitator, Compassionate Activist, Unity Consciousness Thought Leader, Co-Creating A Conscious Community
Doris Richardson is an educator, quantum healer and pioneer in the field of helping people discover their true calling/life purpose and spiritual legacy. She created and facilitated “Discovering Your Purpose…Your Source of Abundance” retreats to spiritual seekers, thought leaders, returning veterans, abused women and at universities throughout the U.S. since 1987.
Her passions and spiritual legacies include co-creating a feeling of heaven on earth through the gift of HeartThread, building Unity/Christ Conscious Communities, embracing one’s authentic self, practicing radical forgiveness and self acceptance, aligning with Divine Will in each now moment, jumping timelines to meet the highest version of yourself and learn your true legacy and paying it all forward with compassionate activism.
It is such a gift to be able to share HeartThread and to witness the shifts and aha moments with my fellow tribe. One of the greatest virtues of HeartThread is the life changing bridge it builds connecting one’s head to one’s heart. This is where true wisdom is birthed and then able to be expressed.
My compassionate activism is now focused on childhood exploitation and trafficking. If anyone resonates with making a difference – whether behind the scenes through prayer, writing or speaking engagements – please contact me via email or telephone.
Loveland/Boulder CO Area

Karen Wilson, HeartThread PractitionerKarenWilson2019

Karen Wilson is an artist and healer, founder of Stardust Artworks: Remembering Our way Home. She believes in the healing power of all that we do, and the importance of a balanced approach to integrating our talents. She is a kiln-formed glass studio artist at the Art Glass Center of Glen Echo. She is also a certified heart thread practitioner; a certified medical qigong practitioner; and a certified Dragon’s Way Instructor, providing numerous pathways to healing and unity within ourselves and in the world.
Karen is also an attorney who has worked with many business and held nonprofit organization leadership roles. She brings integrity and wholeness in the business world, including for example her role as Vice President of Ethics for a fortune 100 company. She focuses on the importance of interconnected relationships and finding win-win creative solutions to bring people together for
common goals.

 karen.lerohl.wilson@gmail.com   Bethesda, Maryland.



Faith Grieger, HeartThread Practitioner

My background in healing arts started in my 30’s when I entered massage
school. From there I added Healing Touch and Reiki, Feng Shui, Spiritual
Response Therapy (SRT), Astrology, Tarot, Hypnotherapy and Spiritual
Regression. In recent years most clients have come to me to experience
sessions in Past Life Regression, Life-Between-Lives, Quantum Consciousness,
and Galactic Reunion. I love all of this and yet missed the thrill of connecting
directly with the body and it’s beautiful energetic systems. When I received my
own HeartThread experience in a group setting, I was blown away at how
intimate, heart-centered, and profound it is. My facilitator could sense my inner
workings and what my body held. This gave her the knowledge to form
sentences that contained the message(s) my body most wanted me to hear. I
sensed my cells were hearing the messages, especially when I was asked to
repeat them. I could literally feel the old stuck energy melting out of me. The
process happened with such grace and depth I knew I wanted to become a
HeartThread facilitator as soon as possible!



Krisztina Dolf, HeartThread Practitioner (Hungary)
Krisztina has started her career in the business sector

Dolf Krisztina photo

however the attraction for spiritual experience appeared at a very early stage. She got acquainted with several healing method. In 2015 finally she has left the banking sector and since then she focuses on her spiritual path and helping people to heal themselves. At the beginning she was dealing with the exploration of the subconscious mind programming.
She is access bars practitioner, Soul Sound therapist, she has an own channelled healing method and now a HeartThread practitioner. Sacred geometry has always had a vital importance for her and from the first session if it promotes healing symbols arrive through touch.
One of her goals is the use of the different healing techniques in case of animals beside humans to improve their rehabilitation.
and in Hungarian:
Krisztina pályafutását az üzleti szektorban kezdte, mely időszakban már megjelent benne a spirituális megtapasztalások iránti hívás. Számos gyógyítási móddal ismerkedett meg. 2015-ben végleg elhagyta a bankszektort és azóta kizárólag saját spirituális útjával és mások segítésével foglalkozik. Kezdetben a tudatalatti működés feltárásával foglalkozott.
Krisztina access bars kezelő, Lélekhang terapeuta, van egy saját csatornázott gyógyítási módszere, valamint most már Szívfonál terapeuta. A szakrális geometria mindig is fontos terület volt számára. Az első ülés óta, amennyiben a gyógyulást segítik, szimbólumok érkeznek meg ez érintésen keresztül.
Céljai között szerepel a különböző módszerek alkalmazása az emberek mellett állatok esetében is, így segítve rehabilitációjukat.
My contact information is as follows:
+36302214722   cell (Hungary)

NancyNancy Strachan, HeartThread Practitioner 

Nancy Strachan is a fellow pilgrim along the path to oneness and unity consciousness. A Virginia native she received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Florida State University. Since 1985 she’s studied and practiced many alternative healing modalities and is ordained in the Order of Melchizedek. She has been actively involved with Soul Support Systems since 2002 where she delights in serving as a facilitator for both Soul Recognition and Heartthread. Her work is international in scope. Beginning at age 19 she’s enjoyed a lifetime of international travel which has taken her to 55+ countries. From 2007-2019 she served as founder and president of Rwandan Hugs which provided over $1 million in assistance to genocide survivors, students, and impoverished families to improve health, support education, and provide sustainable agriculture. Nancy has walked along the Camino in Spain, trained as a Oneness Blessing giver in India, and participated in numerous metaphysical journeys/sacred sites tours in France, Egypt, Brazil, Hungary, Africa, USA, Canada, Ireland and UK.

She’s been married to the love of her life, Les Strachan, a Scotsman, since 1973.  After serving as a professional librarian in the US and Germany for 16 years she and her husband launched a jewelry, book, and antique business, Shiny Stuff, which includes a niche jewelry line (www.teapotjewelry.com). Recently she was honored as a Paul Harris Fellow by Rotary International for her service to her community and the world.

Her joy is supporting people as they evolve and awaken to their highest potential.

630 Mountain Avenue
Bedford, VA 24523 USA
1-540-586-4446 home
1-540-314-2800 cell
Email: Strachanl@aol.com


Linda Burns, HeartThread Practitioner


Linda Burns artist, writer and jewelry designer, authored the I AM Blessing, Sacred Symbols of the I AM Illustrated Cards, and she designed the I AM jewelry line. Linda also developed a Sacred Life Bracelet process that brings a tangible expression of Heaven on Earth through a deep exploration of Life.  She creates original art, Inner Wisdom Beads, by intuitively combining her clay artwork with elements from worldwide origins, then infusing each set with love.  She leads with her Heart which makes being a HeartThread practitioner a natural extension of her true essence.

Fredericksburg VA 22406
Phone: 540-286-2363


Suze Moll, HeartThread Practitioner 

Suze MollSuze is a Heart Thread and Circuitry Alignment Facilitator. 
Suze’s love of color has led her to the awareness of Auras and to reading them. Looking to expand her gifts to help others. Suze began to study other modalities in 2005 and now uses a variety of energy healing techniques with her clients. I love creating a safe space for others to express and explore themselves in. This helps them to discover
their unique gifts, talents and discover the passion they are missing.
During the summer months, she spends her time directing summer camps. These camps provide children with an opportunity to create original ideas in a safe space, through self-expression in the great outdoors. Earlier in her life Suze was a corporate graphic designer. Her family includes her husband and 2 children.
Other Services: Color Therapy, Reiki Practitioner, Tea Reader, Aura Reading, Crystal Gridding, Aura Healing with Crystals, Chakra Reading, Creative Coaching
Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Contact Information:           Email: Cre88tiv@gmail.com          Phone: 717-986-0586


Todd (Sky ) Nixon, HeartThread Practitioner


Sky is originally from the Philadelphia metropolitan area and received a degree in Earth & Environmental Science in 1987. Much of his professional career has been oriented to help the environment and people to be healthier and society to become more sustainably minded. Sky moved to Santa Fe in the late summer of 2014 to begin a new life leaving the science and technical business realm and going into a spiritual path, learning energy healing modalities and deepening his knowledge and understanding of holistic health to begin a new career of helping people become healthier physically, emotionally and energetically. Trained in Reiki, Heart Thread and Resonance Alchemy Sky has been helping people to heal themselves in multiple ways and. Sky’s ultimate goal is to be a Shamanic healer, which has no boundaries on the intuitive sense of how to best help people to heal, realize their true Divine Nature and become their true, authentic self so they are able to express their gifts to the world with joy, ease and grace. Sky aspires to be the change he wishes to see in the world!

505-795-1431    skyblue0619@gmail.com


Sitara Trumbull, HeartThread Practitioner

Sitara is new to the Santa Fe area, after following the spiritual call to move here from Chicago. Sitara is a doula, nanny, hospice care giver and a member of the local Threshold choir. Sitara offers a gentle and nurturing presence which allows people to feel secure enough to then tap into their own ability to heal themselves. Sitara walks with a strong connection to people who have crossed over and can offer this connection in heart thread sessions.

cell 872-395-0350
Jeni Martell, HeartThread Practitioner
Photo of Jen
I am a retired Clinical Social Worker who specialized in Addictions, HIV/AIDS and  PTSD. I worked in Inpatient Treatment for 23 years and in Outpatient Treatment for 13 years. After a couple of years of retirement I was bored and strongly felt I wanted/needed to become involved in service work. I found  PSYH-K and became a facilitator for PSYCH-K and still felt there was more I wanted to do. Faith suggested I go to a 30/30 and I was hooked! I completed the HeartThreads Training and found my place. I Love it! HeartThread goes so deep within the Heart and Subconscious where I believe the Real work and Healing happens. I truly wish I knew about HeartThread when I was in practice. It would have made Such a Difference to the folks I was working with! It’s so simple yet complex and so helpful it still amazes me! It is so Wonderful to see/feel people heal themselves. I thank and Bless John Henry and All of the people at SoulSupportSystems for this wonder creation!
With Much Gratitude, Love and Light!


Richmond, Va. 23223

LeAndra Shepherd, HeartThread Practitioner

IMG_1997LeAndra has been interested in the metaphysical world for decades. Having been a professional hair stylist for over 35 years (her friends say they look forward to having their crown chakras adjusted), LeAndra is intent on bringing beauty and empowerment to everyone. A certified yoga instructor and Reiki Master, LeAndra uses these modalities to help individuals find their own strength as she teaches and treats in private and public settings. LeAndra is also ordained in the Melchezidek priesthood; has studied and worked with Angel Therapy, Theta healing, Laho-Chi, Quantum Touch and more. Her private mountain home provides sanctuary for retreats, healing sessions and respite. LeAndra’s intention is that those with whom she works will come to recognize their own true Divinity.

Email: n2angels@yahoo.com

Phone:( 540) 580-5513


Petra Tarnai, HeartThread Practitioner (Portugal & Hungary)

PetraI am originally from Hungary but currently living in Portugal. I am a divorced mother of two beautiful children and in constant quest of finding my best self.
I read the book ‘I remember Union’ and met Flo Aeveia and the Soul Support Systems two years ago. I immediately knew that I have found a link that I had missed for a very long time in my life. The book soon became my bible and Flo Aeveia became my mentor and a lifelong friend 🙏
I am a Facilitator-in-training for Soul Recognition, a certified Facilitator for Heart Thread and currently participating in Soul Support Systems’ year long course, called The Legacy of the Soul.
With three other amazing women, I am a representative of the Soul Recognition and Heart Thread techniques in Hungary and we recently established a Readers’ club, named after the book, which is an online gathering taking place every second week.
Both Soul Recognition and Heart Thread techniques are helping me immensely in accomplishing my Soul Purpose which I am grateful for beyond words 🙏
Email: petratarnai79@gmail.com
Phone: Hungary: +36204602022,  Portugal: +351965705310 (I am located in a tiny little beautiful village called Colares)

Krisztina Losonc, HeartThread Practitioner (Hungary)

Krisztina LosoncI am Krisztina Losonc, from Hungary. An economist with a logical mind, an artist’s soul and big heart. I love dancing, movement, painting, connection and nature. I practice yoga. Reading the ‘I remember Union’ book and meeting its Hungarian translator, Gabriella Kovacs was life changing for me. I first met Flo Aeveia in 2019 and got to know HeartThread and Soul Recognition. I am a HeartThread Practitioner and a Facilitator-in-training for Soul Recognition now. HeartThread is a wonderful technique that helps us understand our main processes in the subconscious, and at the same time, it is healing through the sound vibration of releasing sentences. It is an all accepting, all embracing method through the connection of our hearts. With three wonderful women, we started an online Readers’ club in Hungarian. We are inviting people to meet the energies of the ‘I remember Union’ book and to experience HeartThread sessions.


+36 70 616 0162


Magdalena Oana, HeartThread Practitioner (Romania)MagdalenaOana1


Dominique Renaud, HeartThread Practitioner (Canada)

Vers 6-7 ans, quand ma mère m’a dit qu’un psychologue était un docteur qui soignait les âmes humaines, je me suis vue en sarrau blanc, auscultant les gens avec mon stéthoscope pour écouter comment leur âme allait. 25 ans plus tard, je troquais mon habit de psychologue traditionnel, pour celui de ressource favorisant l’accès à la version la plus Grandiose de nous-même.  J’ai œuvré dans tous les types d’organisation possible, de la petite entreprise, aux organisations gouvernementales et entreprises internationales. 

Au-delà de chérir ma famille. je consacre maintenant mon temps à ce que chaque humain saisisse l’extraordinaire et unique contribution qu’il peut être, pour les gens autour de lui et pour notre planète bien-aimée.

Autres services :

Distributrice des Essences de fleur du Cœur du Monde

Dominique Renaud, M.Ps.

Saguenay, Canada

Coordonnées :


tél : +1 (418)944-8292 

Around 6-7 years old, when my mother explained to me that a psychologist was a doctor who was taking care of the human souls, I saw myself in a white lab coat, auscultating people with my stethoscope to listen to how their souls were doing. 25 years later, I traded in my psychologist outfit, to become a resource supporting people in gaining access to the highest version of themselves. I have worked in all types of organizations possible, from small businesses, to government organizations, community circles and international companies.

Beside cherishing my family, what inspires me now is to ensure that everyone understands the unique and extraordinary contribution that they can be for the people around them and to our beloved planet.

Other offering:

Heart of the World Flower Essence distributor

Contact information:

Dominique Renaud, M. Ps.

Saguenay,  Canada


tel : +1 (418)944-8292

Tania Dougall, HeartThread Practitioner (UK) 

‘I am happily married and a mother of two beautiful children. I live in the UK and came across this beautiful HeartThread modality through a profound and life changing session with the lovely Gabriella. I have not looked back since.  I have always felt a deep resonance with freedom and love and being a HeartThread facilitator allows me to fulfil my purpose. I am qualified lawyer and recently qualified as a mindset coach and a laughter yoga teacher too! I am looking forward to stepping into my new and shiny gifts and sharing them with the world’.


+44 7931 705107