Principles of HeartThread

Here are some of the basic principles of HeartThread from the material shared with us by John Henry, the Founder of the HeartThread practice  

1. Alignment

– It is important to fully be in body. When we experience trauma, abuse and violence, we tend to “leave” our bodies, and go into a state of unconsciousness, “zone out”. To be fully present in our heart and in the world requires that we decide to fully incarnate so we can heal and be able to be completely present. Our body posture often reflects how we present ourselves to the world and how we feel about ourselves. Often one shoulder is higher than the other or we enter a room with one shoulder prominently leading forward. (Notice how Commander William Riker in Star Trek, The Next Generation enters a room).

The “1234567” and “Chamber of Silence and Sound” exercises help us to come into a balanced alignment. It is also important to “ground” often and connect vertically, with the Earth below and Heaven above when we enter into the Heart space for a session or to begin meditating.

2. Safety:- 

The Field of the Heart – The Unified Field of Oneness (Unconditional Love and Connection)

The Essence of HeartThread is:

I see you, I remember you, I love you, I connect with you, John Henry

“The Human Heart is.. one of the most powerful electromagnetic generators and receivers known. It is, in fact, a highly evolved organ of perception and communication” Stephen Harrod Buhner, The Secret Teachings of Plants. Bear & Co. p.67

“Your heart is the instrument of divine perception, Ibn Arabi, from Creative imagination in the Sufism of Ibn ‘Arabi’ by Henry Corbin, quoted by Bradford Keeney in Bushman Shaman, page 38 where he also states that “the heart’s power is a secret energy that enables direct perception of divine reality..and.. is, “like a mirror in which the microcosmic form of the divine being is reflected”

Thus, the Field of the Heart represents: Unconditional Love (Heart) and Connection (Thread) which engenders Safety

“The heart is a vessel that carries the initial, original connection throughout the whole human dimension. We are connecting consciousness through Origin”…”This is the place through which all collective energy, in other words the Karma, gets arranged and cleared…..So a lot of what happens in the heart energy field is that you’re clearing. And the reason the HeartThread works so well is because the threads of the heart are infinite. They go back and they go forward. They go into the past and they go into the future.” John Henry

3. Unconditional Love (Heart):

When we are in the HeartThread there is no judgement, no time (Instant Healing is possible) and the experience of Safety. “The principle of HeartThread is creating a safe enough space for the body to speak about what isn’t working, so there can be a shift in the patterns that are held”, John Henry

4. Connection:

Connection – InterConnection with all life                                                                       Connection to Source, Guidance and Angels                                                                   Connection to the Soul & Life Purpose                                                                           Connection to Soul Family and Soul Support Systems for practitioners through the Transmission they receive in the HeartThread practitioner training

 5. Sound and Touch: 

Healing is effected through the sound of the human voice and the experience of human touch. Both elements have been used throughout human experience for healing and transformation in accompaniment with the Breath. This powerful combination has be used throughout time by Healers, Masters and Avatars and forms the basic “technique” of HeartThread practice. In order to enter the Heart field we use touch when we put our hands over the Heart and take a few deep breaths. This entrains the body and brain into a deeper vibration and stills the mind. Activating the feeling of stillness, peace or love through recalling a happy or pleasurable memory makes a harmonious connection between the heart and the brain.

6. Self Authority:

As you release old patterns of conditioning, trauma and self doubt, you live from your essence, your authentic self, and you become the source of your own joy, abundance, motivation and  happiness. Like peeling away the layers of the onion, you become clearer and clearer. You have attention for others and live from your divine blueprint. You then become a model for others just through Presence.

 7. Additional Benefits of HeartThread

  1. Grace – When you connect with Origin, Source, Guidance, Angels… you experience the benevolence of the Universe. You realize you are not the body, the mind, the thoughts or the emotions and you are safe. Grace unfolds in your life as a result, without effort. The theme for 2016 is Ease and Grace and the end of self-doubt.
  2. Perspective – You begin to see your “story” from a higher, broader perspective as you develop your self reliance and recognize that “you are Light, and Light you shall remain”. You recognize that everything happens for a reason and there are no “mistakes”, no “right” or “wrong”. You begin to see through the eyes of God. You are an expression of God living in this experience of the world. You make a difference. You are worthy. You deserve. You can forgive. You are Immortal, Infinite, Universal and Eternal.
  3. Belief -You move beyond Belief into knowing. In a HeartThread experience, one does not have to “believe” the words! They still work and penetrate into the subconscious, effecting transformation.

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