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Here is my testimonial:

I’ve experienced my first HeartThread session with Raphael Weisman and I found it to be a very moving, healing, loving experience. It brings us back to what we know to be true deep within ourselves. Healing energy was moving through my body, and when we finished, besides being emotional, a persistent soar shoulder (which he knew nothing about) was no longer an issue. I found the HeartThread session to be consistent with my own spiritual practice, and is a healing modality that aligns with my own Reiki training. The healing Love and Light in the work is familiar and welcomed from this level of practitioner working on my behalf. When we meet this loving work with our own spiritual focus, our intention is aligned with the practitioner’s intention of bringing us to a state of deep peace within. It’s like a gentle reprogramming of our conscious mind, deeply connected with our own eternal soul, or higher self, all three of us working together with the goal to heal and strengthen. During our session, my brother Jimmy was ‘present’ there with us, confirming his love, his protection, and apologizing for the pain he caused when he took his own life three years earlier, apologizing, and asked for my forgiveness. Of course I gave it, and confirmed to him that I love him very much, was sorry for his suffering, and that I missed him. Three years of deep emotional pain within me over the sudden loss of my sweet brother completed a cycle of unknown answers that I was ready to face and accept. My immediate response to the close of the session, was to instantly visit another friend who is suffering. It was a very beautiful visit. We must all be there for one another in this world. It was a co-created experience of healing, one that reached down deep within me, while instantaneously moving out to the universe. The principles of HeartThread are Alignment, Safety, Unconditional Love, Connection, Sound and Touch, Self Authority, Grace, Perspective, and Belief. I see you. I remember you. I love you. I connect with you. I am personally interested in learning this technique in order to combine it with the Reiki sessions that I offer. It’s all good, and deeply profound!

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