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The coolness of the air is soothing after our days of quite warm weather. Your work was very effective.  I was able to open my heart and be in the moment.  Before deciding to call you, I had been asking the Universe, who / whom ever listening to day, for a Buddhist therapist / practitioner.  I recognized this as you worked with me.

The next day I went to Chimayo with a friend.  She to burn a candle for her injured husband, me to give thanks for you and your work, Jessie

My Reflections on HeartThread Healing Session (slightly edited to remove references to practitioner)

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to receive healing with Heart Thread. What I appreciated most about this experience,  is the dedication and devotion to being an instrument for Divine communication to flow through. I felt great trust and safety, in part, because of this clarity and devotion; and, in part, because of the very nonjudgmental space I was being held in. I found the meditation to be an invitation to reconnecting with the Divine and worthiness within myself. A lot of what I received were messages along these lines; messages I very much needed to hear and claim on a soul level. It felt immensely subtle and so powerful for me; touching deeply held and limiting beliefs and nudging them to move- like gently bringing fresh air into the old places that still hurt. I felt great trust in Raphael’s knowledge and command in his work with the invisible realms and heart thread.

This experience has added an extra layer of golden web beneath my feet. I feel this support following me throughout my daily life, sometimes barely perceptible, but always there. The blue thread I’ve been following has turned to gold and I can see it just a little bit brighter when it gets dark. I am excited to see where and how this healing will continue to manifest and show up in my life.

Love, Jen

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