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  • Santa Fe HeartThread Training and Free Intro

  • Boulder HeartThread Free Intros and Facilitator Training

  • HeartThread Workshop and Trainings

    Have you had challenges lately? Been confronting your old demons? Perhaps you can’t feel settled or at ease? Health issues, relationships, money? Come experience safety, connection, peace and community When you are in the HeartThread vibration, you are in a Community of the Heart, you are not alone, and you are releasing old patterns, old […]

  • Upcoming HeartThread Trainings

    Karen Trujillo-Heffernan has moved to Bernalillo, NM, and she and I (Raphael Weisman) have set up a schedule for HeartThread Facilitator Trainings for the first part of the year. We will also be setting up monthly Free Intro Evenings about HeartThread and will post them here and on our new FaceBook page and group Trainings […]

  • HeartThread Facilitator Training in Boulder CO

    We have begun to offer HeartThread facilitator trainings and are fully engaged in spreading this important work around the world. As we train new facilitators who offer HeartThread sessions, the work expands and more people learn how to live with their hearts open. I am planning to offer a HeartThread facilitator training in Boulder the […]

  • Free HeartThread Intro evening

    Free HeartThread Intro evening

    The next free HeartThread Intro evening will be at the La Farge Public Library, 1730 Llano Street, Santa Fe NM 87501 on Wednesday 9th December, 5:45 – 7:45 PM Please join us at this free HeartThread Introductory evening to discover how HeartThread can shift your perspective and help to release old patterns of trauma and conditioning. In […]

  • New Facilitators

    New Facilitators

    Raphael Weisman (575) 770 1228 Karen Trujillo-Heffernan (949) 547-4066 “I entered the HT space one closed person and came out one open heart, loved, present being; My life is changed forever, down to the very cells of my body. I am grateful for the transformation” a graduate of the first Santa Fe HT training. We […]