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Testimonials from Unify Fest:

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Here is an email sent by Dena to her students following a recent HeartThread phone session after a recommendation from Nicole (see below)

Hello Lovelies,

As all of you are aware, after a fall (two years ago), I have been in extreme pain which has limited my activities. Night time has been the worst… I spent every evening nearly in tears. I have been on medication for over a year and a half for nerve pain… had 3 spinal epidurals and still have barely been barely eking by. This past Thursday (at the advice from 2 very close friends) I had a ‘Heart Thread’ session with Raphael (see below). Since my session (over the phone for one hour), pain levels dropped from a 7-8 (on a 1-10 scale) to a 1 or 2!!

The session went like this:

A quick hello… followed by a beautiful meditation and calling in ‘unseen helpers’ (angels and such)… and then you simply repeat whatever Raphael says. That’s it! He promptly sends you an MP3 recording so that you can listen again.

What does he say? No doubt this is different for each person, but some of mine was, “Oh my poor neck and shoulders… you have been so tight… all of that tension can just melt away…”. He also ‘brought in’ my mother and my younger self to clear issues there.        Much of the ‘language’ that he used was TOTALLY from my dictionary (ease and grace, Sacred Body Temple, not good or bad – right or wrong…) It was outstanding!          Raphael went in ‘blind’ (I mean, we did not speak of my spine issues, mother issues, etc)

If you have physical, emotional or mental pain, suffer from trauma, fear, drama, (who doesn’t??) really anything that you perceive as a ‘holdback’ please check out Raphael’s work and see if it speaks to you.


I have had two wonderful HeartThread healings with Lisa Farrand. I have felt so much shifting and continue to. There was a release in my TMJ and ears, and pain in throat was gone. I have felt more motivated and positive/connected to my true self. So truly thankful to Lisa and the incredible healer that she is, and her beautiful heart she shares with all!


Testimonials from Joy Regina Melchizedek:

1) My Heart Thread session with Joy was EXACTLY what I needed. It uncorked the energy that had been hitting a wall of perceived limitation, like letting a powerful Genie out of a bottle. I am now in an unending flow of creativity that is taking my work to new levels and even more importantly I feel like myself again as part of the vast wave of the Universe’s creativity. I am in love with my life again, and am eternally grateful to Joy for sharing her high level of expertise, and to all the Magnificent Beings that work through her to support the Unimitedness in all of us. Roslyn Elena McGrath  ( Personal Growth and Inspirational Author, Visionary Artist, Healer, Teacher and Channel).

2) I am so grateful for the Heart Thread session I received from Joy. It means so much to have her sincere support as well. I felt amazing after my Heart Thread Session. Joy also shared deep wisdom that has support me on my of ascension too. P. L. – Stylist and Indigo Being.

3) My deepest appreciation and heartfelt thanks to Joy for the Heart Thread session. I felt release after release throughout the entire session, along with such joy.  I wish everyone could experience healing and love in this special way! Jackie Jordan- Heart Thread, Circuitry Alignment and Soul Recognition Facilitator

4) I receive regular Heart Sessions to continue breaking through old patterns. I have greater confidence and greater peace than I ever experienced. I am enjoying my life more than I ever have and continue to grow in my understanding of my power in creating my own reality. They say, ” when the student is ready, the teacher appears.” That is how I feel about Joy. I am grateful we met and for the Heart Thread work S.B. (Healer and Author)

5) The Heart Thread process Joy did for me, had a big effect on me. I was recovering from a divorce that ended a long marriage. I was given new insight on what the future might hold. Instead of being mired in what I feared I was, this process helped me realize what potential I have. I truly came to the realization that I am worthy  and deserve a bright future. Such a shift! Jan Vernam -(Elementary school guidance counselor)

6) After my session with Joy, I felt completely loved and validated. At long last, I was receiving unconditional love and my hopes and dreams were being affirmed. I felt an energy shift in me. I moved from deep depression and self destruction to the knowledge, I was a good and worth while person. I felt gratitude and knew there was another way to be in the world. Other choices could be made. When an old pattern came up a week later, I was able to be present enough to see what was happening. Rather than hurt myself, I went to the local crisis unit.  I sat on a bench, agitated and knitted while I waited  for my turn. Suddenly, I heard a tiny voice within me suggest that each time I made a stitch. I could say a positive affirmation for myself. When It was my turn all the negative feelings have passed and I went home. I fell asleep quickly and woke up refreshed and positive the next morning. Through life’s changes, I remain open to all possibilities. I allow my Divine guidance to lead me and know I am truly blessed. Many thanks to my Angel Joy and the Heart Thread work Sandi Flanagan (Clothing designer of hand knitted infant wear for Tee-shirts for Peace)

7) I FEEL SO OPEN- My mind was so cluttered and compacted by stress, I was asking myself, “How did I get here? How do I get out?” When I sat down with Joy for my Heart Thread session, at it’s completion, I then asked, “Where did it all go/”  See my thoughts that were so heavy, were just illusions. Thick clouds that disappeared and flew away, as I sat with the beautiful cleansing of Heart Thread. I felt the Earth introduce herself to me again and it was a face I knew and one I had seen before. An old friend in the earth and in me. I was told all was okay and I am safe. I believe it! What peace. So very grateful for Joy and receiving the Heart Thread session! Jessica Jellan (Singer and Musician)


Testimonials from HeartThread workshop in Harrisburg PA 5/23/2010

I was very humbled by this experience – a new beginning for me of peeling  back the layers. It was an honor to sit among such lovely energy with the individuals who sat in this group. EBS (Elaine)

PMN: A simple way to heal your heart and related issues. In gratitude to the voice, or visual guidance that comes through for each person. Three people got their wings – unclipped, opened and one flew off and did practicing – got their crowns and scepters, etc i.e. “queendom” or initiated a new way to land, other than grounding on their feet – is through the heart or into a forest with streams or waterfalls. Another saw their inner child dressed like a pink fairy, which I think helped to balance them. – Paige

I have been working on myself for many years, but today’s session was a movement to a new level, as I made a new shift.  At a deep level I was touched by the insight and words JH channeled into my facilitator with more Love and Light. DJW (Dotty)

Raphael is an amazing receiver as well as sender. My introduction to freedom to be at peace from within. Would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who would enjoy just being.  JF (Jane)

As usual the energy (field) the people and the Heart became one  –  Shoes

Fascinating work. Everyone was in tune with one another – a very relaxed feeling. Feeling Light and energy filtering in to fill the newly open spaces  Y.S (Yvonne)

Profound, moving, expansive and empowering, each moment shows new ways this work blesses my life and the lives of others who have received it. My gratitude is endless for HeartThread and everyone who has made it their mission to touch the world with such grace – Joy?

NSS: The HeartThread process is truly from the heart. Anchored but everflowing and in the moment, it offers everyone the opportunity to simplify and safely experience unity. We guide and are guided as we become gently, but powerfully more capable of living our mastery. I loved being here and was surprised at how simple, easy and quick but profound and useful this process is/was (Nancy)

I love HeartThread. Even when the words don’t come, the experience is powerful and shifts occur W.L. (William)

Lovely workshop, lovely concept. Love, love , love. Lots of love. This is what moves me. Thank you JW (Janie?)

Krida: I learned a new way to land after flying – through my heart’s opening – knowing I can land there any time I want. This experience gave me permission to release all the “stuff” I have been carrying around with me every day

J.I.  (Jane I)   The HeartThread “work” is amazing, connecting to the heart, being aware of our connections to all and doing so with such ease. We are all part of this awareness and I am so grateful to the enlightened ones who carry this message into a world that at times is numb to this. Thank you a 1000 times over

Joy C. – After doing this HeartThread work I am filled with a profound sense of peace and calm along with delightful buoyancy. Sharing the work – receiving it and being the facilitator – was surprisingly natural and free-flowing

The HeartThread work is so simple and profound. I am amazed and gratified so deeply each time I see people get it and do it and the comments that they share at the end of each workshop.   Raphael

Remembering the heart brings calmness, peace and expansion. HeartThread is a very powerful way to return to the heart. It feels like home. FAM


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