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                   Become certified in HeartThread, a transformational modality that transmits a vibration of Love, Safety, Self-Authority and Connection. This simple technique allows us to release old patterns of conditioning and supports us in living our full potential within the field of the heart. This modality is a powerful tool for those in the healing & therapeutic fields.
                  Join Flo Aeveia Magdalena and HT Practitioner trainers in this golden
opportunity to become a certified HeartThread Practitioner. Build your confidence, a deeper relationship with your own guidance and with the Angel John Henry who developed this modality and transmitted it as a practice through Aeveia. Learn a skill that can offer you potential income as you develop your own practice and join the HeartThread family!d6028b95-0343-4cec-bd1d-5fbcd9058c9a

HeartThread is a program of Soul Support Systems , the non profit organization which developed training programs for practitioners, facilitators and trainers of this modality. There are protocols for certification which includes a mentoring process and guidelines for practice. Anyone who has the passion and interest and is able to enter and remain in the field of the heart, can become a practitioner. It is necessary to be able to be in a loving, non-judgmental, empty space; able to put one’s thoughts, feelings, ideas and ego aside while providing the service to others during a session. This ability is cultivated during the training and developed through practice, with a focus on overcoming self doubt. You do not need to “be or feel spiritual”, you already are. It is important to be “human”. If one is so self-centered and caught up in their own story that they are unable to have compassion or empathy for another, this may not be the appropriate time for the training

The only prerequisite for the training is that you have some experience of at least one or more HeartThread sessions and recognize the power and transformational quality it can offer. If you experienced a significant shift in your awareness or had a physical or emotional healing, all the better because that recognition will carry you and inform the training for you. If it can happen for you, it can happen for others and you can be the agent for that transformation.


Price: The current cost of the training is $800, which includes a $50 mentoring fee and a $50 Certification fee that goes to Soul Support Systems. We realize what a tremendous bargain this is, seeing that it offers the capacity to create an income stream as a practitioner which can be realized in a short time after certification. 12 sessions at $70 recovers your financial investment. We also realize that some people may have difficulty coming up with the full amount and so payment plans can be arranged, by agreement with the individual trainer(s). We usually require about 6 full-paying trainees in order to hold a training for each trainer. A larger class will be facilitated by more than one trainer. We often offer a discount to those who host the training in their home or studio and help to promote it.

Length of Training: The training is usually held over a 3 day weekend, beginning Friday morning at 9 AM till 6 or 9 PM (depending on how many trainees), Saturday  9 AM through 6 and up to 9 PM (depending on how many trainees) and Sunday 9 or 10 AM till 6 PM, with lunch and dinner breaks as appropriate. Sunday from 3 – 5 PM the trainees offer a free Introduction to HeartThread followed by free practice sessions for the public, friends and family. From 5 to 6 PM we do our closing circle. Each participant receives a HeartThread Training Manual.


What is covered in the training? After filling in paperwork, introductions and greetings, we begin by setting the unified field with a meditation. We return to this field throughout the training, so that whatever may arise can be dealt with at the highest level of integrity and love. This field provides a backdrop for the deepest levels of transformation and support for all.

We then introduce the history, core values and principles of HeartThread, and some alignment exercises to come fully into our bodies and presence. After a bathroom break we spend the rest of Friday and into Saturday giving a full HeartThread session to each participant allowing the other participants to feel the back of the client before an after the session and gathering in circle to answer questions, discuss particular issues that may arise and talk about technique. Sessions run about 40 minutes each and are recorded. Friday night also includes a channeled message from John Henry to the group, perhaps with particular emphasis on the current global situation and the particular nature of the group that has been drawn together, as each group has a special connection and flavor.

Saturday includes more demonstration sessions, ensuring that each participant receives one, interwoven with reading material from the manual, listening to channeled recordings about HeartThread practice from John Henry, sharing of training objectives, exercises and meditations, snack and lunch breaks and break-out practice HeartThread sessions between trainees. We also spend time discussing details and instruction on conducting individual sessions with questions and answers, also addressing “troubleshooting” and challenges. We also address conducting group HeartThread Sessions. We discuss requirements for certification protocols, practitioner support, and address the business aspects of HeartThread.

HTBrettSunday each trainee receives a special transmission from John Henry, describing how he will work with each person, how you will recognize him and what special characteristics he recognizes in you. Each transmission is specific to the practitioner and is recorded. John Henry will also give a concluding channeled message for the group. All these messages from JH are recorded and copies provided. Sunday is also spent doing as many break out practice sessions as possible. There is some preparation time for the class presentation about HeartThread for the Community Gathering and free sessions, from 3-5 PM.  The training ends with a closing circle.

Upon conclusion of the training each graduate is assigned a mentor who will follow and support your progress of giving 10 full, free, practice HeartThread sessions to friends, family and acquaintances. Some will be in person, some over the phone, most with recordings and at least one 3 way session with your mentor overseeing or overhearing (phone). A few sessions should be given to certified practitioners. At the conclusion of each session, you AND the client submit confidential evaluations to the mentor. Your mentor is there to answer questions and offer recommendations on dealing with challenges and contingencies. On conclusion of the 10 sessions, you will give a free HeartThread session to your mentor.  Your mentor will then evaluate your competency, perhaps with a certification board of trainers and you will receive a certificate.

John Henry

Because HeartThread is so flexible and adaptable, it is easy to incorporate into almost any modality from psychotherapy (we have had some amazing testimonials from psychotherapists) to other therapies including massage, chiropractic, movement, hospice and nursing care, home and health care providers, etc, etc. It is a tool you can use with staff and colleagues to help them relax and release work related stress. You can even do a modified session holding someone’s hand on a park bench or at a coffee shop table. I have had opportunities to do this.










Congratulations to our latest HeartThread Practitioners, who recently graduated from our HeartThread Training in Bernalillo, NM February 10th-12th, 2017. All demonstrated full competency as practitioners and are ready to begin their certification process of offering 10 free HeartThread sessions. If you are interested in receiving a session, please contact us.


(Left to right) Henry, Raphael, Nameh, Karen, Donna Carol

   Rhoda, Ana, Aeveia, Cassandra



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  1. Hello.
    My experience of facilitating is like a clear liquid waterfall where I can “forget myself,” and allow something else wiser, greater, clearer, cleaner and liquid to wash over me and through me. i share my intent to share healing energy and yet surrender my egoic mind over to a divine flow of wisdom that seems to come from an angel of the heart–like a waterfall of loving wisdom poured and washed over my client. I have been an intuitive counselor for over 20 years and this addition is a deep soulful addition–deepening my practice like no other modality has deepened it in a long time–like a small miracle in my pocket! Thank You Raphael for your clear presence and willingness to “jump into the fire,” the water and love love love . . . .. with all your heart!
    Thank You! Your wisdom is so welcome here! Thank You!

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