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DeAnna Elliott is skilled in assisting those awaiting or in the process of transition into and out of the physical world.  To say it in another way she can connect with the soul of the infant prior to their entry from the womb to the world and also to those souls across the veil who are wishing to assist  those who are ready to depart from their physical body into the next level of expression.  In addition this includes those in life experience transition from one level of expression into another.

Her training for these skills comes in two ways.  First she helped walk every member of her family through their dying process over a span of 27 years beginning at the age of 27.  At that time her mother and brother both died of cancer close together.  Her attention was fully engaged in their dying processes until they were fully complete.  Twenty seven years later she put her attention on her fathers dying process in a spiritual community called Crestone, Colorado.  In this case she was able to have her father’s body in the home for three days prior to cremation.  During that time his body was washed with lemon water and then anointed with shea butter and sandalwood oil. An altar was created in the same room to acknowledge not only her father but the spiritual beings who had been invited to assist with the process while Gregorian Chants were being played near by. On the fourth day he was cremated in an open-air cremation in a spiritual center in the area..  In comparison to the traditional cremation process that had taken place for her mother and brother there was no comparison in the amazing experience she had with her fathers passing.  In this experience she actually felt she could in some  limited way span the distance between the veils to escort her father to his destination.  There was still grieving to do but compared to that with her mother and brother it was quite different.  She feels that is because she actually had the opportunity to participate with the process that took place for her father.

Second, since 1982 she has been certifying practitioners to teach the art of infant massage to new families as a trainer for Infant Massage USA.  She has worked with thousands of families and their infants in the process of incorporating massage therapy into their daily routine.  Infants have been her teachers for many years.  In this regard she produced a documentary Womb to the called  Cellular Echoes, Environmental Influences in the Journey From the World.  The subject of this film is the imprinting process that occurs at a cellular level from the moment of conception.  Included is tribal birth wisdom in contrast to contemporary scientific understanding in a cross-cultural exploration of this phenomena.  Her intention with the production of this documentary is to assist people to understand cell memory and how all entry experiences are held in the tissue.  These imprints then become reference points for attitudes and behaviors in the personality.  It is DeAnna’s intention to further this documentary to include the imprinting that occurs at the end of life transition as well.  Something she learned while assisting her father to make his transition from his body into the formless expression.

IF you are needing assistance with transition on any level, including from one stage of life into another, DeAnna  has much depth of understanding to offer as well as many tools that can make this process one of discovery and joy rather than one surrounded by fear.

Coaching services:


In these sessions the father is seated so he is behind the mother embracing her while she holds the infant in her arms.  The family is an integral part of the healing session for the infant.  DeAnna identifies the aspects of the birthing experience that may have caused wounding for the infant  and then identifies the areas of the infant’s body that hold the trauma.  The mother places her hands on that area and healing angels and guides are invited to energetically heal those places in the baby.  The father provides the outer envelope of protection during the session.  These sessions can also be done by phone.

  1. Inviting a soul to be part of your family while they are still residing in spirit.
  1. Communicating with the soul during the birthing process.
  1. Assisting the soul to anchor fully into the body.
  1. Assisting the incoming soul to enter the earth plane without going through the layers of forgetting who they are so they can fully offer their gifts and live their potential from the minute they get here.  This is also known as retaining their God connection so the identity is not with separation from God.
  1. Offering circuitry alignment sessions for the newborn and the dying to fully integrate the soul pattern into the physical body.  These sessions are a gentle energy   process.  Points are held in different parts of the body and the energy runs into system.
  1. Teaching the family how to massage the body of infants assisting with any entry traumas that might need to be released as well as provide parents with a tool they can use to calm and comfort their newborn as they adjust to their new bodies.
  1. Teaching the family to do gentle stroking for the elder who is soon to depart the body to also ease the process for them.
  1. Providing grief canceling for those who has lost a loved one.  If desired assessing the spirit of the one departed to assist with understanding of their process.

To make an appointment call or email DEANNA at 719-256-4455 home or 719-588-0680.  Email is


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