HeartThread℠ is a simple, direct way to shift lifelong patterns

Patterns form the structure of our lives, physically, mentally, and emotionally, and determine our approach to life. Many times, even though we endeavor to change or understand our existing patterns, they persist, causing constrictions in our body and in our heart.

HeartThread is a modality that releases these long-standing patterns that affect our behavior and brings awareness, clarity, and understanding. Conscious awareness of our patterns shifts our relationship with our body, mind, emotion, spirit, allowing us to live more fully from our hearts—without restriction and fear.

HeartThread Practitioners create a heart link between them and the client or group. This connection creates a safe environment to open your field of energy to shift patterns, even ones we have carried since early childhood. (This field of energy extends beyond the immediate space and links together all life forms. The HeartThread connection makes it possible for us to heal relationships even with those not physically present or even still living.)

HeartThread is a “space” in consciousness where one experiences a unified field or zero point, based on Oneness. In this “space” we transcend our feelings of separation and isolation and find inner peace. We then allow ease and grace, opening to create our lives from Self-Authority.

HeartThread is suitable for anyone, either in person, or online. It can be given as an individual session, and we can also do group sessions.

If you would like to talk to us about HeartThread or are interested in taking the four-day training to become a HeartThread practitioner, please contact us via email: Heartthread@heartthreadinternational.com.

HeartThread International was created to promote the expansion of HeartThread around the world. It is a satellite organization of Soul Support Systems, the “Mothership” and source of the HeartThread modality, created by Flo Aeveia Magdalena.

Witnessing Tuesdays

When you are in need of assistance resolving challenges, call upon HeartThread Practitioners to this amazing way of opening to the wisdom of your heart.

Join us for our Weekly Group HeartThread session Witnessing Tuesdays where you will receive dedicated guidance from one or a group of practitioners that will bring understanding and grace.

Personal ‘Witnessing’ Experience: As you join us for a personal Tuesday session, you will experience a grace-filled heart space and be guided to shift patterns of constriction affecting your life in the moment. There are generally five or six HeartThread Practitioners attending each session who will offer you a many-faceted and rich experience as they respond to what they are sensing in your heart field.

Surrogate HeartThread Experience: Recently, we have discovered that the process of HeartThread can also be used as a powerful tool to quickly release patterns held in family and group constellations. When someone has a family member or loved one in need, they can request a session to act as a surrogate for this person. This shifts the health and wellbeing of the loved one and the whole family system.

As a result of Surrogate HeartThread Experiences, we have witnessed profound resolution of patterns in a mother whose adolescent was contemplating suicide, an uncle whose family member was caught in a cycle of substance abuse, a woman whose grandchild could not access his potential, and a woman who escorted her adult child through the death process.

Because these areas of human challenge are profoundly affected through the HeartThread process, we are dedicating two Tuesdays during the month to working with surrogates wishing to bring grace to family members in crisis, people who are actively dying, those caring for loved ones who are dying, and individuals who are grieving. The schedule is below. (This schedule is a suggestion and you may sign up for Witnessing Tuesday whenever you are in crisis):

For every month:

· 1st and 2nd Tuesdays – Personal HeartThread experiences

· 3rd Tuesday – HeartThread for surrogates working with loved ones in crisis

· 4th Tuesday – HeartThread for death, dying and grief

Every Tuesday for 1 hour @ 1pm Eastern time

We hope to see you soon!

Note: It is requested that you sign up for a session 24 hours in advance and provide us with your intention for the session.

Our heart’s wisdom frees us to openly love and be loved

Flo Aeveia Magdalena