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Welcome to HeartThread International’s website. HeartThread International was created to promote the expansion of HeartThread around the world. It is a satellite organization of Soul Support Systems, the “Mothership” and source of the HeartThread modality.


HeartThread is a Revolutionary, transformational modality that transmits a frequency of love, safety & connection through the field of the heart, releasing old patterns of trauma & conditioning from the body. It is facilitated by a practitioner utilizing sound and touch. The practitioner’s hands gently tune in to the message points on the back of the client’s body, receiving words. The sound of the client’s voice repeating the words affects the cells & the old patterns are released, even when done over the phone. Because the Field of the Heart is a quantum field of energy, it works even if the practitioner and client are not in physical contact.

The purpose of HeartThread is to bring people back into their self-authority.

As we release old patterns of conditioning, trauma & self-doubt, we live from the true essence of our authentic self.

You can read more about HeartThread in the article here:


The Mission of HeartThread International:

HeartThread International is a self-administering and self supporting program of Soul Support Systems which exists to provide quality training, certification, mentoring and support to ever-growing numbers of HeartThread practitioners so that they are effective in using HeartThread with individuals, groups and organizations throughout the world.

Through the agency of HTI every person on Earth lives from the safety, love, connection and authority of their Heart in the Unified Field of One, thus co-creating Heaven on Earth.


HeartThread International is administered by an Advisory Board made up of HeartThread Practitioners and Trainers who have been associated with Soul Support Systems and the HeartThread practice for many years.

The Board consists of:

Flo Aeveia Magdalena, Founder of Soul Support Systems and HeartThread. HeartThread Facilitator and Trainer and Channel (Vermont)

Raphael Weisman, current Communications Coordinator – website, newsletter and mailing lists; HeartThread Facilitator and Trainer and Channel (Santa Fe, NM)

Joy Regina Melchizedek, HeartThread Facilitator and Trainer and Channel (Harrisburg, PA)

Gabriella Angus, HeartThread Facilitator and Trainer, and HTI mentorship coordinator; UK HeartThread coordinator, (United Kingdom) 

Kathy “Shoes” Fillman, HeartThread Facilitator and Trainer, (Harrisburg, PA area)

Rene Cornwell, HeartThread Facilitator and Trainer, President SSS Board of Directors (CA, Sacramento area)


HeartThread International offers programs and sessions in the HeartThread Modality:-

Practitioner training, 30/30 gatherings, HeartThread Introductions, Full and half day-long HeartThread Workshops, Container Weekend workshops to address and release core issues, literature and information. There are videos, testimonials and information about training, sessions, events and practitioners on various pages of this website.  We invite you to subscribe to the HTI Quarterly Newsletter. You can address any questions to us via HeartThreadInternational@Gmail.com

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