Celebration of the Heart

Sunday, February 13th, 2022
9:00 am – 4:00 pm Eastern
~ Soul Support Systems & HeartThread International Invitation ~
There’s a lot of human suffering in our world today – a lot of loss. A river of grief seems to flow beneath everything. At a time when division, isolation, and angst appear to have thwarted our peaceful, joyful and harmonious connection with fellow humans; what can we do to turn the tide right now?
Learn to listen to your own heart, your ‘north-star’that holds the language of your inherent Guidance.
Hear your heart whole…
In the unique process of HeartThread, outdated patterns are re-strung; bound emotions, freed; heart opened. The heart is our uniquely common connection to all other sentient beings!
For our day together in Celebration of the Heart:
  • We are so excited to work with the UK Heartshore Herd with the HeartThread process! Why horses?
“When working from the Heart, there may be no other animal currently in relationship with us more adept at ‘taking us there’, than the Horse. With their huge hearts and limbic systems so similar to our own, horses seem uniquely able to resonate with and regulate our human emotions. The healing messages and phrases called forth in a John Henry HeartThread session are catalyzed and deepened by the Presence of the Horse”.
Dawn Oakley-Smith
  • For everyone, individual HeartThread sessions in break-out rooms: English, Hungarian and French; connecting with hearts around the world!
  • Magical Happy HeartThread Play with kids of all ages! With special guests from “T-shirts for Peace” with Joy Melchizedek presenting.
  • Clearing ancestor connections; death and dying; facing our destiny with grace and peace.
  • Self-healing through HeartThread, and learning ways of supporting others using HeartThread; the most loving self-care and giving from our own hearts.

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