Recent HeartThread Testimonials 2015

I had experienced some soul work previous to having a heart thread with Raphael and the experience we had together really solidified many aspects for me, providing me with great insight that I had not connected before that time. It was a magical and very safe experience of opening the heart and connecting with the body to hear what it needs and hearing what it has to say. The work he facilitates is deep and loving, and I highly recommend his work for the world. Thanks Raphael


“This session was powerful, opening me up to the energies and powerfulness of me that I have forgotten and slowly been bringing to the surface. I know many changes have and will be happening on multiple levels.”

“Interesting and powerful. I feel I know where I am going now.”


“My experience in the ‘HeartThread’ session with Raphael was vast, expansive and clarifying. His powerful intention and opening of Heart is easy to trust and engage.
Immense, rich and fulfilling – I recommend from my heart!”, Melinda


“I feel Raphael’s healing in so many ways, physically in my head and neck, emotionally in my relationship with my Dad, but most importantly in my heart. I am loved and supported by spirit and I keep my heart open and feel the love. Thank you Raphael” Michelle


“I’ve had an inordinate amount of trauma in my life.  My parents kicked me out when I was 13 and I grew up on the streets, with everything that implies.  I figured it out, I have a good job, a house, two dogs.  Just no people in my life and almost no joy.

 I’ve had a tracheotomy, cancer, I lost half my colon.  I’ve always wondered why nothing would kill me.  Kind of secretly wanting something to because there just isn’t any point in my being alive unless you’re a dog or an orchid.

 Today, with you, I got a glimpse of what it would be like to feel that, “Wow!  There must REALLY be a reason I’m alive, I’ll find it” instead of “Why the hell am I still alive”.


I thank you so very much for the wonderful healing. I was experiencing a stuck place inside, and trauma-related. I felt removal of the stress I was dealing with internally. As Raphael gently touched the back of my head, I felt a purifying, cleansing energy of “letting go” of energy that I needed help with. I went deep inside to my Higher self and returned to a peaceful state. I feel clearer and much more balanced. I also feel myself free of accumulated upset…. and at peace, and so much better.


I experienced Raphael as a gifted, very well intentioned conduit for Spirit, to return me back to love. I would like “survivors with PTSD to return to Love and Peace. I feel encouraged that Raphael is doing work so needed. His sessions have helped me heal already, and both times I felt my True Self (that got covered by being a survivor) very clearly. I do not even feel reactive seeing certain people, who previously were not positive for me to see. I feel a lot of suffering was healed. I benefited so much from the session. I thank you,   Love and Peace, Rachel


I want to thank you for the heart thread on Friday night. My hands feel very beautiful and I feel like I am looking at them with new eyes. Warmth keeps coming and I think the processing of that experience is bringing more and more joy. It was truly beautiful. The resistance and the emptiness. I keep having images of the heart tapestry in my mind.

Love, Thank you,  Rebecca


“I have had two HeartThread sessions, and both times I have been amazed at the power of this “therapy”. What makes this stand apart from other “therapies”, for me, is that it has “staying power” In both instances I was able to take the healing effects with me on my journey. The truths and beauty that were revealed to me during the sessions only grew stronger as I went along my way.

This is a true gift that I believe can help many people.” Hilary C


 “The HeartThread was a very positive experience.  The energy was very soothing, like getting an energy massage from the inside out! It was so wonderful to be in the space of my heart center and out of my head. It was like a deep meditative feeling where I just wanted to be still and bathe in it! When you began the session with the blessing and calling the angels, I saw a geometric shape in my mind – sacred geometry? – with a thread coming out in a straight line. My sense is it  was the sacred space being created and the thread connecting me to it.  I felt the energy throughout the receiving and giving part of the session. My hands stayed very warm throughout. I don’t remember the exact words I spoke while giving, but I remember a thought that made me feel like what was being said was for me. After the session however, the woman I connected with expressed how what I said was so ‘right on’ for her, it brought tears to her eyes. How’s that for confirmation that it works even the first time you do it!! Thank you for bringing us together for this powerful spiritual experience.”    Blessings,    Ann


(a Facebook share) ……..”and received a very intense heart healing from Raphael Weisman. Raphael will be doing a workshop called HeartThread where he will be teaching others how to release conditioned patterns held in our body. I felt his presence as a powerful healer who’s integrity, intention and ability to hold space for me to do the letting go…was what made the experience powerful for me. I am a wounded healer and I am learning new ways to heal the body and mind. I have been finding these techniques to work: I am finding many ways to heal…sound/Music……prayer…yoga…dance…breathe work…chanting..body work….There are many ways…I’ve been finding a few gems right here in my own community. I am so blessed to live here in Santa Fe…perfect place for me to heal… Thanks Raphael”


I took a few minutes asking Raphael about his work. I decided to do a session. I immediately felt safe with him, gently behind me, leaning into my shoulder, that had been bothering me. It has been pain free since. I experienced an emotional support – courage. I believe other survivors can experience ‘safety’ with Raphael. This was a session I did at a store, full of distractions (also a shorter session) and my awareness opened me deep into my inner self, in an open and good way.

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