Teaching HeartThread

I have begun to teach the HeartTouch to groups in an evening workshop. It seems that an evening from 6:45PM till about 9 PM works well. I ask people to come at 6:45 so they have time to get settled and be ready for starting at 7PM. I bring people into the heart thread as soon as possible and then I do a brief introduction as to what it is all about. Because I am used to using a format used for meetings, I laid out an agenda for the evening as follows:

Welcome  7: PM

7:05 PM               Silence and HeartThread

7: 10 PM            Sign up list with signature for Confidentiality agreement on it

7: 15 PM             Introductions:      Name, where from, what brought you

7: 20 PM             HeartThread

7: 25 PM               Breath and alignment exercise: What is the HeartThread. Safety. Intent. Trust.

7: 30 PM            First Demonstration

7: 50 PM            Brief sharings

7: 55 PM            HeartThread and Second Demonstration

8: 15 PM             Brief sharings

8: 20 PM            HeartThread and 1st couples 10 min each

8: 40 PM            Second pairing 10 min each

9:00 PM             Closing HeartThread and sharing

So far, I have found that when we enter the HeartThread space as a group, and when the group sees the demonstrations, they will either leave(!) at the point where we divide up into partners and those that stay will experience the magic of the messages that come to them when they are the “practitioner” and the power of what happens when they verbalize the message as the “client”. There are a few who really “get it” in a powerful way.

I found that the evening is very concentrated and there is barely time to do two demonstrations and two turns in the 2 hours. An extra half hour helps, but it is a lot to fit in. It seems important to do two demonstrations as they can be so different and to give the participants at least two opportunities to do a mini session as client and as practitioner.

It is important to stress confidentiality and to ask for testimonials and permission to use them.

I send the email and phone list to participants and encourage them to call and pair up and make appointments to do follow up sessions together, taking turns to be the client and practitioner.

I am planning on doing a regular evening every two weeks or so to build a group and give opportunities to practice.

I am planning to also follow up with full day workshops where we have more time for exercises and sessions. It is good to stress the important of the HeartThread principles and components but not to talk too much.

I promote the event on Facebook, email and fliers and put notices in the local paper and send PSAs to local radio stations

let me know what you think or if you have or want any suggestions for trying it out yourself

Raphael Weisman

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