Testimonials from HeartThread workshops in California

The following are testimonials collected at the end of a number of workshops in which I taught people how to use the HeartThread on each other. See posts also on http://healingthescars.wordpress.com

Margarita: I really liked that this class was experiential – hands on! Not only was I able to experience HeartThread from the instructor, I was able to practice the technique he taught on others. I feel calm and healed. I am grateful to have been given this gift to heal myself and others!

Grace: The HeartThread work is powerful and deep. At first, my body had resistance and I couldn’t focus, but after Raphael put his hands on me and brought forth affirmations, I began to cry. I had such an intense experience with accepting myself

Jacquelyn: This healing work felt like receiving and giving at the same time. Deeper, deeper to the core it went filling my being.

Andrea: I had no idea what I was in for when I agreed to come today. I have never done anything like this, but boy, I was presently (pleasantly) surprised! I hope I can find a way to integrate this into my life on a regular basis!

Lara: Sometimes you just need to hear important lessons and messages from the outside. Today there were four voices, four filters, passing along messages that, inside me, are harder to hear and remember.

Susan: HeartThread is a unique, very direct, effective and gentle method of healing and helping through love

Ara: I feel very blessed. I feel excited now for my life and now see more connectedly the threads of guidance, love and angelic presence that are giving me the healing to live my life as I reach for the healing within my heart to share with all. I feel expanded and ready to  feel, understand and know more of the truth. It is wonderful to honor the precious gift of this heart listening to i and letting the body and shoulders learn to trust and let go, relax and let love in. Thank you. Hope to grow and know further about this!

Karen: An amazing journey through the Heart space. Raphael gave me messages that resonated with what was happening in my life. Very healing experience

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